Before You Call

Below is my pre-call questionnaire.  Its purpose is to give me a greater understanding of who you are, what your desires are, and lays the foundation for what I hope will be some outstanding time together as we explore and plunge into the depths.

How you choose to provide the information below is up to you.  Though a few fields are required, overall, you may respond as sparingly or as thoroughly as you wish.  All your responses are confidential, and the information gathered will only be used to weave fantasies.

    Name you'd like me to know you by (Required)

    Discrete email address (Required)

    Where did you first find me?

    Internet SearchAdult Phone PalNiteFlirtOrgasm Denial ForumsFetLifeCollar MeOther

    If you answered other, where did you find me?

    When you first found me, what were you looking for?

    Please describe the Phone Mistress of your dreams. What about her sets her apart from all others?

    What trips your trigger? If something is not listed, by all means, mention it! (Required)
    Age PlayAss PlayAss WorshipBlindfoldsBody Worship - OverallBootsBondageButt PlugsCagesCaningCash PigCBTChainsChastity TrainingCock CagesCock SuckingCollarsConfessionsContractsCrawlingCroppingCross DressingCuckoldryCuffsCum EatingDomestic TrainingEdge PlayEdgingExhibitionismFace SittingFace SlappingFantasy BlackmailFeminizationFetishesFinancial DominationFood Play/MessyFloggingFoot WorshipForced BiGagsGuided MasturbationHoodsHuman AshtrayHuman ATMHumiliation - GeneralErotic Hypnosis/TranceInterrogationKeyholder ServicesKneelingLeash TrainingLife CoachingMasksMummificationNipple PlayOrgasm ControlOrgasm DenialPsychological BDSMQueeningRuined OrgasmsService SubmissionSlave TrainingSmall Penis HumiliationSmokingSmotheringSissy TrainingSpankingSpittingSpreader BarsStockadesStockingsStrap On SexSuspension PlayTeasingTickling"Total Power ExchangeToy PlayTramplingVerbal AbuseWax PlayWhipping

    Do you have previous experience as a distance submissive?


    If so, tell me about that. If you do not have experience, tell me why you now have decided to seek it.

    If you needed to only choose between two choices, and they were defined as A) Slave - one who longs to serve and build a deep relationship or B) Fetishist - one whose focus is on getting their needs met...which one would you choose to describe yourself?
    A SlaveB Fetishist

    If applicable, what are your goals in regards to being a distance submissive?

    Have you had face-to-face experience in your area of kink? If so, what did it consist of?

    Have you ever been in a formal training agreement with a Domme? If so, please tell me about it.

    Have you ever had a session with a professional dominatrix? If yes, what did you like about the experience? What did you not like?

    What are your hard limits? Please be as through as possible for the purpose of clarity and communication.

    Which most closely applies to you? A) I prefer sensual domination B) I prefer hardcore domination
    A SensualB Hardcore

    What type of interaction are you seeking? eg, are you seeking outside assignments, etc, or do you just wish interaction that starts and stops with a phone call?

    During erotic conversation, do you prefer to engage and take an active role in the fantasy, or do you prefer to have the fantasy detailed for you, with you mainly listening?

    In EST time, what time(s) of day is your ideal time for a session?

    In the past, if you have established a relationship with a Distance Dominant, how often did you call her? Or if you have not, how many times do you think that you would once you found the right match for you?

    What are your thoughts regarding Female Supremacy?

    If you enjoy orgasm denial, which most closely applies to you? A) I enjoy the tease, but want release by the end of the call. B) I want to be denied as long as Mistress wants me to be denied?
    A ReleaseB Mistress Decides

    What equipment or toys, if any, do you own?

    Are there any particular items that you have a fetish for, and long for your Mistress to wear? Boots, latex, painted nails, hats, etc?

    Would you say that your pain tolerance is...A) none, totally not in to pain B) I can take a little C) moderate D) high E) I am a total pain slut
    A NoneB A LittleC ModerateD HighE Total Pain Slut

    If you were serving a Mistress, what would your top 5 rewards be?

    Same scenario, what would be the 5 punishments you would most dread?

    What is your favorite fantasy?

    What is the anticipated duration of your sessions?
    Under 15 minutes15 - 30 Minutes30 - 60 Minutes1-3 Hours3+ Hours

    What are some of your interests outside of kink?

    When is your birthday? (month and day)

    Is there anything you'd like to tell me that we have not already covered? If so, please do so here.

    Are you ready to play?
    Dial 855 933 7473 (855-9DESIRE) for phone sex with Miss S
    See Sessions for rates and other info
    Adults Only