Financial Domination – Myth or Reality?

Give until it hurts! After all, suffering *is* exquisite!

Give until it hurts! After all, suffering *is* exquisite!

I’ve been asked more than once if financial domination is a true fetish, or if it is something that was made up on the Internet. I can assure you that it is a *very* real fetish, and I’ve been the benefactress of it on numerous occasions.

I can see you mulling that one over in your mind.  After all, shouldn’t a benefactress be someone who gives?  How is it possible that I’ve given if I’ve been the recipient of funds or gifts from financial domination fetishists?

Financial Domination is Another Form of Power Exchange

A power exchange exists when one relinquishes an aspect of their personal power to another.  On the surface, it might appear that it results in one person giving, and another receiving.  However, if we look past the surface, we see that power exchange is an equal, yet opposite action.  Yes, in fetish terms, it subjugates one person to another.  But what of the energy that is required to *receive* that submission?  I believe that is giving as well, and thus, I believe that benefactress is an applicable term when discussing financial domination.  I make it possible for them to submit in the way that they need to.

Money Equals Power

If you are not a financial domination fetishist, you might wonder why on earth anyone would not only want, but in some instances beg to give up their hard earned money and seemingly get nothing in return.

There are so many different types of submissives.  Some wish to submit with their bodies, and they proudly bear the marks of a harsh caning.  Others wish to serve, and are not only content, but gratified to take care of tasks so that their Mistress does not have to.  Some wish to serve financially. The array of submission is vast, and the how is highly individual and unique.

In our society, money equals power.  If we approach it from that vantage point, it can shine a light on financial domination, and strip it down to it’s base root of a power exchange.  The submissive gives…sometimes painfully…to their dominant.

Just like the submissive who has been through a painful flogging, the financial domination fetishist will feel it the next day.  One may move slowly and gingerly, wincing as they move.  The other may look at their bank or credit card statement and gulp.  But they will *both* feel that they served.

They both will have submitted.

They both will have suffered.

And they both will enjoy the endorphin rush for days after the actual deed is done.

Can it be abused?  Of course it can.  So can any other type of power exchange.   But in the hands of someone that believes in ethical and responsible domination, financial domination pay piggies can explore safely, and most deliciously!  Are there some that really, really want financial ruin?  Yes, just like there are people who really, really want to be castrated or who really, really play deadly games by advertising on sites designed to hook up men up with strangers to have bareback anal sex.

The vast majority of pay piggies do not want to total ruin.  Whether it’s through tributes, wish list gifts, raise the rate games, etc, they want to enjoy their fantasy, spoil their Mistress to the best of their abilities, and not jeopardize the rest of their lives.

While some do drive-by’s, either randomly selecting financial dominatrices or rotating through his personal favorites, many money slaves form deep relationships with their Mistresses that span years.

To someone without a financial domination fetish, it can seem rather bizarre.  But I think that can be safely said of most fetishes.  So live and let live, and to those so inclined,  pamper your Mistress!


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