Masturbation Games – Week 4

Will your cock stock rise or fall?

Will your cock stock rise or fall?

Did you wonder if you were going to get to edge last week? Luckily for your cocks, the stock we were following did make a…rise…toward the end of the week, and give you some stroking relief.

However, not orgasmic relief.  I like it much better when you are twisting in need, denied and frantically wondering when, or if, you will get to cum again.   That said, since I am not yet controlling the cocks of everyone reading or playing,  all free range cocks do get one day a week for fun.  The rest of you belong to me, and you’ll get release when and if I say.

On To Our Edging Number

I’m afraid that it rather sucks to be you all this week.  You didn’t fare so well in the randomizer, so you’ll only get to edge once per day, and that is only if the stock rises.

Edging Games for your Cock

Edging Games for your Cock

It looks like it could be a very long week in Denied Cock Land!

The Intoxicating Scent of a Goddess

I have a side assignment for all those that like them.  The next time you are in a department store, go to the Estee Lauder counter, and ask to smell “Beautiful”.  You’ll be smelling my signature scent.  If your life allows, you are to buy a small bottle and use it to spritz on your pillow at night to remind you of me.

We’ll be using Estee Lauder as our stock for the week.  Not only do they make my favorite perfume, but they own MAC Cosmetics, which I totally love.  Their symbol is EL.

There was a bit of confusion as to whether the ability to edge was on the value of the stock from day-to-day, or whether it was a weekly cumulative. We are using daily prices at the market close.  If it shows a gain at close, but you see some site that shows the after hours value as a loss, you are to to ignore the after hours value.  For the purposes of this masturbation game, is to be considered your oracle.  Next to me, of course!

If you need a reminder, your stroking schedule is as follows:

Monday – edge the weekly edge number (eg, this week you would edge 1 times, since 1 is our number)

Tuesday –  value close of Monday

Wednesday – value close of Tuesday

Thursday – value close of Wednesday

Friday – value close of Thursday

Saturday – value close of Friday

Sunday – free day with orgasms allowed, unless I have otherwise restricted them

Enjoy your game, and I’ll be hoping for a tormented week for each of you!


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