There are a couple of different options for calling me for a session.  They are listed in order of preference.

#1. Dial 855-933-7473 or 855-9DESIRE.  When you do so, you will be connected directly to me.  Please have your card information ready.  If I am not taking calls, you will get my voice mail.

Sessions  are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum.

#2  I accept calls through NiteFlirt for those that prefer a per minute option as opposed to a block of time.  This is also the platform to use if you wish to play Raise the Rate.  However, please be advised that my call style is not suited to calls less than 10 minutes, and most last far, far longer.  Anyone that abuses the privilege of doing per minute calls will be permanently blocked.  To call through NiteFlirt, you can simply click the icon below.  You may also dial 1-800-T0-FLIRT (1-800-863-5478).  My NiteFlirt extension is 9492935.

IMPORTANT:  Unless you are into financial domination, be sure to check the NiteFlirt rate before putting the call through.  If it is a time that is not especially convenient for me to take your call, the rates on NiteFlirt will be high to compensate for the inconvenience.  Regular rates are $2.50 per minute.

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No matter which payment platform you
choose, I only session with adults.

Note: The easiest way to be sure that you can get through to me is by appointment.  You can set one up using either the contact form.  Do not rely on the NiteFlirt icon above to tell you if I am taking calls or not.

Are you ready to play?
Dial 855 933 7473 (855-9DESIRE) for phone sex with Miss S
See Sessions for rates and other info
Adults Only