Masturbation Games Monday – Week 2

This should read - Orgasms - In Miss S We Trust to Control Them

This should read – Orgasms – In Miss Suffer We Trust to Control Them

It’s time for this week’s edition of Masturbating Games Monday. I hope that you enjoyed playing last week, and that your balls are nicely tormented and full.

This week we’ll be incorporating a suggestion that I got in email.  From now on, Monday’s will be your day of rest, and your stroking assignments will be in effect Tuesday – Saturday.  That not only gives you a day to simmer, but allows for the fact that I may be too busy to get the post up early on Monday.  If you need a refresher as to whether or not you are allowed to cum, see this post. I would suggest using your day of rest to orgasm, unless I’ve otherwise forbidden it.
So Without Further Ado, Let the Games Begin!

This week, we are going to start off by selecting a number of the week.  I didn’t want to use really low numbers, as that wouldn’t be any fun, and I didn’t want to go too high, and make things difficult.  So I used our good friend, to select from the variables that I gave it.  The result:

Ready, Set, Go, Strokers!

Ready, Set, Go, Strokers!

As you can see, that means that if my lucky pud pullers are instructed to stroke on any given day, that they will be edging 8 times that day.

Now, I am going to divide you into two groups.  They will be based on the alphabet.  If your last name starts with A – L, you are in Group 1.  If it starts with M – Z, you are in Group 2.

Lucky Coin Toss

Whether or not you are allowed to edge 8 times for any given day is going to depend on the flip of a coin.  Come back tomorrow, and find out whether or not you get to edge for me!

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