Pamper Me

Pampering, Tributes, Wish Lists, and Goddess Worship

I obviously am a big girl who is very, very capable of not only controlling you, but of taking care of myself.  That said, I know and appreciate the segment of the submissive population who loves to spoil me, and pay tribute to me.  Not only do I believe that it is a proper show of respect, but I also freely admit to enjoying such adulation.  Who wouldn’t?

Egift cards from any of the following merchants will make me smile. At this time, there is no order of preference.

Use gifts -a t- suffermydesire – d o t- c o m for ecard delivery. Put it in standard email format; I’m hoping to avoid it being flooded by spam by not posting it as such. Do not use that address for any other purpose.

Amazon Nordstrom
Clarins Home Depot
Pottery Barn Sephora

Utilize the buttons below to make a cash tribute.  In addition to those, if you prefer, you can tribute via my NiteFlirt listing .

If you want to tribute me in a manner that is totally anonymous, leaves no paper trail, and still allows you to show your devotion, use the contact form, and I’ll get back to you with more information.

In addition to paying respectful monetary tributes and sending gifts, you can make me smile in other ways.  They include, but are not limited to commenting on my blog posts, leaving feedback when applicable, doing writing assignments that I’ll have publishing rights to,  and promoting my site.

In short, each day, you should ask yourselves “What can I do to make my Mistress’s life brighter today?”

Are you ready to play?
Dial 855 933 7473 (855-9DESIRE) for phone sex with Miss S
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