An Ode to Ruined Orgasms

Full orgasm? Denied!I absolutely LOVE ruined orgasms! Actually, I suppose I should clarify that. I love to ruin other people’s orgasms.  Mine will stay delicious, as they well should be.  Yours however…well, did you ever get an “I” for incomplete in a class?  That was rather unsatisfactory, wasn’t it?  All that effort put in, and nothing of substance to show for it.  A ruined orgasm is rather the same thing, I think.

Ruined Orgasms Are Fun…For Me!

I understand that our perspective may differ, but mine is the only one that matters in this equation.  I wrote this little ditty to put it in a more artsy framework.

An Ode to Ruined Orgasms

Tormented cock, twitching helplessly,

Rightfully denied, for my amusement

Released but yet contained, unsatisfied and left yearning

Next time…perhaps

Pearlescent drops gleam against purple hued head

Alas, no full bliss, no sweet draining

But rather unfilling jets

Empty of meaning

Your anguished cries

Adorn me with a smile

~ Miss S

What Exactly Is a Ruined Orgasm?

A ruined orgasm is just what it sounds like.  It is an orgasm…of sorts…though the pleasure one normally associates with it is removed.  By me.  ~soft laugh~  That can happen in any number of methods, including, but not limited to, ceasing to stimulate, blocking the flow, prostrate massaing and thwacking.  All of these seem better to me when they are combined with good old-fashioned mind-fuckery.

Why Would You Want a Ruined Orgasm?

There is, of course, no single reason that applies to all people.  In my experience, most of the reasons involve some variation of it keeping the man in a heightened state of arousal and awareness.  It also helps keep his energy focused on where it should be, which is pleasing Mistress.  I know that it pleases the hell out of me!

Have you ever played with orgasm ruination?  What did you think about experience?

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  1. Hello, I like your poem. I managed to ruin my orgasm twice and I have to say it was quite a challenge. I do agree that it is pleasing to a Mistress. In my mind it shows an unselfish act of humility and adoration for her. However I dont care for blocking the flow. ( health reasons).

    • Miss Suffer says

      What did you find to be challenging about it? I would agree that as a regular practice it is better to err on the side of caution in regards to blocking the flow.

      But as a now-and-then practice, I enjoy commanding it.

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