Exploring My Own Path in the World of Kink

It’s now been several months since I set this up on my server, and thought I would get things going.  However as we all know, life doesn’t always follow the best laid plans of mice and men or of dominant females, for that matter.

Since first putting pen to ink here, metaphorically speaking,  I’ve taken a position as an operator with a company.  I’ve learned many things in my 4+ months with them, and foremost amongst the lessons is that the term phone sex is really a misnomer.  Sure, there are some people that I talk to that are only concerned with the 10, 30, or 300 minutes they are on the line with me.  Once that connection is broken, so is the tie to me.

But for many, that just isn’t true.  They want interaction past the call.  They want to go deep and they’ve chosen me as a guide on their path.  Or at least on this segment of it.  Some simply need to be heard, and feel empathy from another human being.  I have several transgendered and transsexual callers that fall into that category, but it certainly is not exclusive to them.  For in the end, isn’t that what we all want?  A connection…to be heard…and if not totally understood, at least accepted for who we are, with the layers and masks peeled away?

I get that.  I totally do.  It is the largest part of why I do what I do.  People who call me share their utmost private selves…the one that they may not be able to share with another person in the world.  To treat that with anything less than the highest regard is disrespectful.  So that means that when you talk to me, you get someone who is fully engaged and present, with their energy and focus on you.  Not on playing computer games, not on painting her nails or mentally planning her grocery list, but on you.

But I digress.  We were talking about the greatest reason that I enjoy distance domination, were we not?  And that reason would be that taking calls…especially the ones where I am able to really connect deeply with my caller…is just another faucet in the shiny diamond of kink that I enjoy.   Distance doesn’t mean lesser.

It can open the doors to encounters that far more powerful than many face to face ones that I have had.

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