Chastity Training – Locked and Loaded Cocks

Whether you’ve been locked up for a long time, or whether you’ve just toyed with the notion, chastity training can be incredibly powerful.  It’s actually one of my favorite types of play.  Not only because it’s such fun to have all that control, but because of the mental metamorphosis that takes place within the lockee.

Today one of my callers contacted me prior to a brief business trip.  This particular gentleman is not able to be locked up 24/7, though he does have longer periods of caged time interspersed with times when it is not feasible.  When he mailed me, he asked if he could call, and would I be interested in watching him on cam as he locked up for the trip.

The answer, of course, was a resounding YES!

I love when men go on cam for me, and I also really like the dynamic that has played out with this individual.  When we first began exchanging emails, chastity was something that he was not overly interested in.  However, as time went by, and I dangled the concept in front of him mentally, he began to warm to the idea.

Before you knew it, this chronic masturbator had purchased the CB-6000 that I had selected for  him, and we were scheduling a session to lock him up for the first time.  The flood of adrenaline that went through me when his numbered lock snapped into place made me soooooooooo incredibly wet!

He took to Submission chastity like a duck to water, and what I had initially thought might be a 2 week trial period grew to encompass the 2 month window of opportunity that we had.  I had so much fun teasing him during that time, and  seeing my cock swell and leak when it was taken out for playtime, then returned to it’s cage.

We spent part of today talking about his personal journey and how someone who had at first dismissed the idea of chastity training had come not only to embrace it, but to seek out the pockets of it that he could fit into the reality of his life.

As we explore ourselves and our kinks, we can end up in places we never would have imagined.  Which is part of what makes it such delicious fun, don’t you think?


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