Nothing Says Valentine’s Day Like CBT

For those of you who have emailed me to ask, yes, Virginia, I will eventually post a number that you can use to call me.  Patience is a virtue.


Suffering is Delicious!

Some women like to receive flowers and chocolates for Valentine’s Day. While I can’t say that I’m adverse to receiving either one of those things, I do very much enjoy creativity. So I said Yes! to a Valentine’s Night filled with CBT.

A caller at my corporate phone sex gig very politely rang me to ask permission to call for a long session that evening.  He’s rather a connoisseur of CBT, and has an incredibly delightful fantasy world where men exist solely for the amusement and pleasure of women.

Come to think of it, that is not that far off from reality.

At any rate, he loves to call and talk for hours on end.  It pleases him to think of not only providing my amusement, but providing it at his own expense.  I can’t say that I disagree with him on how very pleasurable that is.  After all, nothing says love like someone earnestly listening to my reaction as I watch CBT movies that he’s so graciously provided to me.

I like his style.  I truly do.  He loves Goddess worship and knows his role.

I Also Like CBT

What’s not to like about watching men get their nuts tortured?  Some things in life are just a given in terms of providing enjoyment, and abuse of the male genitalia is certainly one of those things.  I am rather snobbish when it comes to presentation, and I love the look of properly presented balls that are turning purple.  It makes me want to smash them under the ball of my foot like over-ripe grapes.

Balls Are The Chink in a Male’s Armor

If you stop and think about it, a man’s sexual organs are like the chink in their armor.  I believe it was a Tolkien book that told the tale of the archer who waited patiently for the dragon to expose the vulnerable place in it’s breast.

While I’d not go so far to compare men to a dragon, I think it’s generally safe to say that many of them are physically stronger than females.   It’s just how human beings have evolved.  However, that physical strength really isn’t’ evident when a man is doubled over following the well-placed lift of an upper thigh.


Just *typing* that made me smile.

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