Erotic Depersonalization, Objectification and Dehumanization

I’m a woman of varied interests, and erotic depersonalization is something that can, in the correct context, put a smile on my face.  And the wise among you would do well to keep that smile firmly in place.

What is Erotic Depersonalization?

I find that the term is often times interchanged with dehumanization and/or objectification.  While I enjoy all three, I’m not sure that to interchange the terms accurately reflects what we mean at the time.  I’ll define in my own words, and I’ll trust that you’ll take that as the gospel. ~winks~

Let’s Start with Dehumanization

To me, this means to make not human.  Obviously, I can’t make someone truly not be human, so this is fantasy based play.  It may take the form of puppy play, pony play, or some other type of critter.  From my observations, submissives can find a great deal of freedom in being able to express themselves in this manner, under the guiding hand of a dominant.

And I can find a great deal of enjoyment in watching a pony boy artfully swish his tail for me.

Next at Bat…Objectification

I view objectification as reducing someone from the sum of their whole to parts for my use.  I think that it means roughly the same thing as when you hear a vanilla woman speak of being treated like a sex object.  She means that every thing else about her has been theoretically stripped away except that which the viewer finds a use for or pleasure in.

I see that as being what would take place if I were to put a face dildo on you.  Your face…your identity…would be reduced to (or elevated to, depending on one’s viewpoint) a placeholder for my dildo.  Not a bad gig if you can get it, I assure you

Finally, Erotic Depersonalization

In my world, this type of play is when I use you as my boy bench, my footstool, or any other number of inanimate objects.  If I’m using you as a footstool, I don’t ask you if your knees are getting tired anymore than I’d ask an actual footstool if it were tired of doing it’s job.

Another way that depersonalization can come into play is when a submissive has their “I” removed.  Instead of “Mistress, I have your dinner ready”, we get “Mistress, your boy has your dinner ready”.  A subtle adjustment of words that can have a profound psychological effect toward slipping into the proper mindset to serve me.

Would I Enjoy Any of the Above 24/7?

No, I would not.  While each appeals to me greatly for a number of reasons, I would not want a D/s dynamic that consisted of nothing but one of the above.   There are indeed true fetishists of each niche that would love that, but I am not one of them.  I believe it would be boring after awhile, not to mention that for me, part of the thrill of dominating is the interaction that I get from engaging with an intelligent mind, both in and and out of session.

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