Lipstick and Stockings – Feminization Assignment

Feminize Those Lips!

Feminize Those Lips!

A little bejeweled birdie has come to me with a woeful tale. According to said birdie, she’s been feeling all left out as she doesn’t care for masturbation games, and is longing for something that will help her get in touch with her feminine side.

I’m just the kind of person to make that happen.  And because I happen to be in a mellow mood today, I’ve decided to give her…and all other feminization fans, something to do over the weekend.

Things You’ll Need

In order to experience this assignment as intended, you’ll need:

a)  A pair of stockings or pantyhose.  I’ll let you decide what your preference is.

b)  A shade of lipstick that compliments your skin tone.  If in doubt, you need to call in for a beginner’s makeup consultation.

c)  A glass glass, preferably a wine glass.

Enjoy the Preparations

The first thing that you are going to do is to put on your stockings or pantyhose.  I want you to really pay attention to the sensations as you pull them up over your legs, and smooth them out.  If you are using seamed ones, that is a bonus, and you’ll need to look in the mirror to make sure that you have your seams straight.

If you have any high heeled shoes, now is a perfect time to put them on.  But if you don’t, there is no need to fret.  You can still do this assignment, and who knows….you may get a shopping assignment in the future.

Now it’s time for the lipstick.  If you need help with this, go to youtube and watch one of the zillions of tutorials by the makeup gurus on how to apply lipstick.  If you have any lip liner, use it.  I personally use and recommend clear liner, as I never have to worry about the color of it clashing with my lip color, and it helps keep things well defined.

Finally, pour a beverage of your choice into your glass.  For optimum effect, the girlier the drink, the better.  But whatever you choose, do not fill your glass all the way up.  We want to leave a space of about an inch or so.

You are to enjoy these preparations, and not rush through them.  After all, the journey is as much, if not more fun, than the destination.

Practice Being a Lady

Now that you are all prepared, you are to sit down, and cross your legs at the ankle, then draw them back under your chair, just like a proper lady.  You’ll want to keep your spine nice and straight for that.  I want you to focus on the way that it pushes your legs together, and how they feel.

Then you are to plant your left foot on the floor in front of the chair, and cross your right leg over your left at the knee.  Pay particular attention to the way that one stockinged leg feels as it rests against the other.  Lightly swing your right foot back and forth.

Pick up your glass, purse your lips over the rim, and take a small sip.  See the pretty, feminine lipstick prints that you leave behind?  In an unhurried manner, continue that around the rim of the glass. We want a thick, prominent impression, so repeated applications of lipstick are probably in order.

Pay Attention!

Live fully in this assignment.  By that, I mean be very present, and aware of what is going on in that exact moment.  Don’t get all jazzed up about how your sissy stick might want to explode all over the place.  That is nothing new.  Keep your focus on where it should be…exuding an aura of feminine grace and beauty.

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