Mind Fucking During Cuckold Play

Suffering is Exquisite 888-491-0752

Suffering is Exquisite 888-491-0752

Notes: For the curious ones…yes, that is an image of me.  As the internet is forever, and we live in a prudish society, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see a full shot of my face.  It’s understood that men are visual creatures, and we can enjoy many images/videos together to stoke your fires.  They just will not be of me.  If you require that, you will be best served to look elsewhere.  I’m better suited for the type of man who enjoys an intelligent, engaging mind, and who is understanding and respectful of my need for privacy.

I love a good mind fuck.  I truly, truly do.  Other than a few rare instances, situations that cause mental torment excite me far more than anything that is explicitly graphic.  Unless that graphic material features James Deen.  Then I am down to watch it.  He’s my current favorite male porn star, and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.  He is the antithesis of men in porn, which is likely what makes me enjoy him so much.   For me, he would be the perfect bull stud to cuck someone with.

When the Cuck Wants it Too Much

Cuckoldry is not only extremely fascinating, it is a great deal of fun to engage in.  I vacillate between which type I like the most…when the man is resistant, and I rub his face in it, or when he’s begging me to please take another man’s cock.  Either scenario is really a win for me.

I’ve been toying with this local sub for a few months, and he certainly falls in the latter category.  I’d taken some time to explore the recesses of his mind, and knew that he was practically salivating at the idea of getting to fluff or possibly be rewarded with a cream pie.  He’s never been allowed to see me fully nude, let alone touch me in an erotic manner, so he was nearly out of his mind with anticipation about it.

That was rather amusing to me. ~soft laugh~

So, of course, I let him think that it was going to play out just like his wet-dream fantasy.  I just nodded and smiled, as he bounded about like an over-excited puppy, while I laid my mental plans to pull the rug out from under his feet.

 Sensory Deprivation is Fun!

Though purists in the art of sensory deprivation will be left feeling unfilled, a modified scenario of that is what I had in mind for he-who-longed-to-be-humiliated.

When the appointed time rolled around, the cuck was eagerly there 10 minutes early.  I had the bull stud answer the door shirtless, all the better to show off his physique.  At my instruction, he told cuckee that Mistress doesn’t like early birds, and he was made to wait on the doorstep for 20 minutes.

Then it was show time, and he was allowed inside.  I was in dressed in a corset, bikini panties, thigh high fishnets, and high heeled ankle boots.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of the look on face!  I made him strip in the living room, and then I put a blindfold on him.

After that, I led him back to my bedroom, all the while commenting about how well my stud was built, and how much I knew that cuckie was going to love seeing him plunge in and out of me.  I got the expected reaction, and his own unit was sticking due north.

Once I got him into the bedroom, I positioned him to lower himself into a wooden chair that was facing away from the bed.  I’d had stud make himself useful, and he’d brought in a mini-stockade that I have.  Before cuckie knew what hit him, I’d pushed his head forward, had each wrist in place, lowered the upper half of the device, and locked it into place.  Then I took his blindfold off, and the *real* fun began.

Whimpering is Not Attractive

Stud and I made out in front of cuckie for a bit, while I took great pleasure in pointing out the obvious…he wasn’t going to be allowed to watch me get fucked, nor could he participate in any way, including stroking himself.  This caused a great deal of whimpering, which prompted me to grin as I had a great idea.  I took off my panties that had stud-induced dampness, and I stuffed them in cuckie’s mouth.  I waved a pair of noise-cancelling headphones in front of him, and threatened to put them on him, so that he couldn’t hear the action.  He quieted down after that!

Then I proceeded to get gloriously nailed, and we both had fun taunting cuckie about his predicament.  For added fun, at the end of the night, when I unlocked him to send him home, I made him lick at the wet spots on the sheets.  There wasn’t much that was still wet by that point in time, but it was just fun to see him lap so furiously, pressing his tongue to cotton.

What do you think, cuckold enthusiasts?  Would you enjoy being tortured in that manner, knowing that your greatest sexual desire was taking place RIGHT behind you, but that you could not turn to see it?

I know I would enjoy torturing you that way.


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