The Bitch is Back

Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

Perform for me on cam! Dial 855-9DESIRE

And that bitch would be me.

Though I’ve been able to stay in touch with my stable of regulars, I’ve not had an opportunity to really sign on openly for a few months. I’ve changed re-entered an old career, and have been hit with a crap-ton of stuff in my first few months there.

Yes, crap-ton is a word. Because I say so.

I know that several of you have tried to reach me.  I can see the missed calls and it makes me sad, because I am sure that I would have enjoyed tormenting you.  But fear not…I have an assistant at work now, and I am going to have more time to call my own.

Which means more time to delight in playing with more of you.

I will also be operating on a semi-regular schedule starting on the 26th.  That does not mean anything too rigid.  The very notion of that just makes the rebel in me want to stomp my boots right down on your balls.

Honestly, truth be told, I want to do that a lot of the time anyhow.  But there will be times when you can *generally* count on me being around.

I’ll be engaged in some private play over the weekend, but there will be ebbs and flows to that.  If I get the chance, and am inclined, I may pop on.  If not, I will post more info on anticipated hours at the beginning of the week.

Savor the anticipation.


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  1. Come back 🙁

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