NFL Masturbation Games

It is that time of year again, playthings.  For the first time in months, the air has a bit of a crisp bite today, and errant leaves whirlwind at the base of tree trunks.   Early autumn really is a glorious time of year.  Note that I said early.  Alas, as it creeps onward, that means winter is imminent, and I am not at all a fan.  Unless, of course, I am amusing myself with you in some manner that involves snowballs and icicles.  That type of thing always helps take some of the blahs out of winter.

One of the best things about autumn is the glorious return of football.  Since I am such an avid Cowboys fan, I have decided to start a season-long stroking game.  I do so love controlling cocks, so this combines two of my favorite things.

One of you sent me an Amazon card for a lovely new microphone that I’ve had my eye on.  I’ll soon be putting up a store, and adding audios and other fun things.  When it is in place, you’ll be able to just download the game from this site.  Until then, you can get your copy of the Week 1 edging assignment through NiteFlirt.

I look forward to tormenting you though each week.  Like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, you too will have deflated balls.

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