Let’s Talk About Male Chastity or Locked Cocks Are Fun!

I want you locked up!

I want you locked up!

One of the most satisfying sounds in the world is hearing a lock click shut that is miles away from me, while I hold the key in my hand.  I lose track of the number of men that approach me in a week’s time, and they all claim to want to “serve” me in some manner.

A good number of them have no desire to truly serve,  and display that by their failure to follow the most rudimentary of tasks through to completion.  That is a weeding out process, and I use it liberally.  That will perhaps be something that we discuss in another post.

However, today I want to talk about those that not only do follow through, but continue to follow through all the way to the point that cock control morphs into chastity.  I always love when that happens.  When we re-visit the most elemental aspect of my sexual psyche…that control trips my trigger…then it’s easy to see why the sound of that lock clicking gives me a rush that is simply indescribable.

Chastity and Being a Keyholder

As with most other fetishes or kinks, if it is something that you aren’t in to, chastity can seem confounding to a non-devotee.  I think it is probably akin to financial domination in terms of being a nebulous concept that lots of people can’t understand.

After all, it seems rather astounding that someone would not only voluntarily long to have their orgasms denied, but that they’d take the step of locking themselves in chastity, and allowing someone else to be the keyholder.

However, allowing really isn’t the right word, as it is a case of begging me to take their key.  I don’t get my psychological jollies by demanding things.  I like it when my prey is so enamored of me that they willing offer, and oft times plead with me to take whatever it is that they wish to give, whether that is a key, a leash, money, or any other area of control.

Chastity is Addictive

When one is serving via chastity, they know that they are doing what any good submissive should be doing, and that is pleasing their Mistress.  The level of control handed over is often unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

There is also a heightened awareness of not only their bodies, but their place in the universe.  Everything is more vibrant, and that dull ache of fullness is their constant companion.

I cannot count the number of times that I’ve granted a chastity pet release,  watched as they enjoyed an *incredible* orgasm, and then witnessed the deflation of spirit that happens after the bliss of the orgasm recedes.  They miss the sensations of fullness, and the feeling of being so deliciously bound to me by being chaste.  That is a situation that is easy to rectify, and begins anew once the cage is securely in place again.

Favorite Chastity Devices

I am a big fan of the CB line of chastity devices for men.  Though a metal sheathed cock is visually appealing, it simply won’t work for my clients who travel.  Not unless I wish to subject them to a very real public humiliation experience. ~soft laugh~

The CB line has the benefit of being affordable and durable.  I like the clear polycarbonate.  It allows you to see what you can’t touch.  I rather like to imagine that you do so with a wistful, yearning expression.

That pleases me.

I’ll continue more along this vein in the next post.  We’ll talk about the perils of “honor system” chastity, why a keyholder is important, and more.

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