Chastity and Key Holding

Need a keyholder?  Dial 888-491-0752

Need a keyholder? Dial 888-491-0752

We recently discussed various aspects of chastity, and today I wanted to talk about the relationship between the chaste male, and his keyholder.  While it is certainly possible to go it alone, so to speak, as with many experiences in life it is enhanced when we share it with another.

Chastity is a Journey

I believe that chastity is very much like going on a journey.  One may have an idea of where they are going, or an exact road map.  Either way, there are many miles to cover, and the chastity journey is one best savored.  After all, if you are merely rushing through it, not paying attention to the physical, mental, and emotional sensations that it creates, why bother doing it?

Chastity is to be examined and explored.  While it truly is a journey into one’s self, to have someone to reflect on the experience with can add to it’s pleasure.  Male chastity can also be a journey into submission.  In either instance, that is where a keyholder comes in to play.

Selecting the Right Key Holder for You

To be able to figure out who will best meet your need for a key holder, you will have to do some self-examination.  Some of you are lucky, and are in face-to-face relationships with a partner who enjoys keeping your cock locked up.  While I do think that the number of couples that enjoy chastity play is on the rise, my experience as a distance dominant tells me that they are still not as prevalent as men would like.  That is unfortunate, but also reality.

If you find that you fall into the category of men without a partner, or without a willing partner, you have a few options.  If you live in a metropolitan area, you may utilize the services of a keyholder that will physically lock you up, and retain possession of the key.  I have talked to men who’ve gone that route, and the results have been somewhat mixed.  It seems to be a more gratifying method if a relationship exists between the two of them prior to the chastity agreement.  Otherwise, for some, there seems to be an emotional void that prevents them from feeling that they are sacrificing for a  dominant woman.

Another possibility is a distance dominant like myself who will not only work with you to devise the perfect chastity program for you, but I will oversee it as well.  The communication that takes place during your chastity journey will be an added element that most find to be enriching.  Chastity is such a personal experience, and it will be necessary for you to be able to verbalize your situation, your experience, your desired outcome, etc.

I Want to Explore Chastity, But I’m Married

Most times, we can’t just let our desires rule us.  There are practical considerations, and for some of you, that means marriage.  If your mate isn’t approachable on the subject of chastity, let alone on board, does that mean you are totally out of luck?

Not at all.  It just means that you may not get your ideal fantasy, but you may get something that feeds your hungers *and* keeps your daily life ticking along like you want it to.   That may mean honor system chastity, or it may mean that you wear a device part of the time.

But one thing is unequivocally true.  I will control you and your cock.

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Let’s Talk About Male Chastity or Locked Cocks Are Fun!

I want you locked up!

I want you locked up!

One of the most satisfying sounds in the world is hearing a lock click shut that is miles away from me, while I hold the key in my hand.  I lose track of the number of men that approach me in a week’s time, and they all claim to want to “serve” me in some manner.

A good number of them have no desire to truly serve,  and display that by their failure to follow the most rudimentary of tasks through to completion.  That is a weeding out process, and I use it liberally.  That will perhaps be something that we discuss in another post.

However, today I want to talk about those that not only do follow through, but continue to follow through all the way to the point that cock control morphs into chastity.  I always love when that happens.  When we re-visit the most elemental aspect of my sexual psyche…that control trips my trigger…then it’s easy to see why the sound of that lock clicking gives me a rush that is simply indescribable.

Chastity and Being a Keyholder

As with most other fetishes or kinks, if it is something that you aren’t in to, chastity can seem confounding to a non-devotee.  I think it is probably akin to financial domination in terms of being a nebulous concept that lots of people can’t understand.

After all, it seems rather astounding that someone would not only voluntarily long to have their orgasms denied, but that they’d take the step of locking themselves in chastity, and allowing someone else to be the keyholder.

However, allowing really isn’t the right word, as it is a case of begging me to take their key.  I don’t get my psychological jollies by demanding things.  I like it when my prey is so enamored of me that they willing offer, and oft times plead with me to take whatever it is that they wish to give, whether that is a key, a leash, money, or any other area of control.

Chastity is Addictive

When one is serving via chastity, they know that they are doing what any good submissive should be doing, and that is pleasing their Mistress.  The level of control handed over is often unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

There is also a heightened awareness of not only their bodies, but their place in the universe.  Everything is more vibrant, and that dull ache of fullness is their constant companion.

I cannot count the number of times that I’ve granted a chastity pet release,  watched as they enjoyed an *incredible* orgasm, and then witnessed the deflation of spirit that happens after the bliss of the orgasm recedes.  They miss the sensations of fullness, and the feeling of being so deliciously bound to me by being chaste.  That is a situation that is easy to rectify, and begins anew once the cage is securely in place again.

Favorite Chastity Devices

I am a big fan of the CB line of chastity devices for men.  Though a metal sheathed cock is visually appealing, it simply won’t work for my clients who travel.  Not unless I wish to subject them to a very real public humiliation experience. ~soft laugh~

The CB line has the benefit of being affordable and durable.  I like the clear polycarbonate.  It allows you to see what you can’t touch.  I rather like to imagine that you do so with a wistful, yearning expression.

That pleases me.

I’ll continue more along this vein in the next post.  We’ll talk about the perils of “honor system” chastity, why a keyholder is important, and more.

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Chastity Training – Locked and Loaded Cocks

Whether you’ve been locked up for a long time, or whether you’ve just toyed with the notion, chastity training can be incredibly powerful.  It’s actually one of my favorite types of play.  Not only because it’s such fun to have all that control, but because of the mental metamorphosis that takes place within the lockee.

Today one of my callers contacted me prior to a brief business trip.  This particular gentleman is not able to be locked up 24/7, though he does have longer periods of caged time interspersed with times when it is not feasible.  When he mailed me, he asked if he could call, and would I be interested in watching him on cam as he locked up for the trip.

The answer, of course, was a resounding YES!

I love when men go on cam for me, and I also really like the dynamic that has played out with this individual.  When we first began exchanging emails, chastity was something that he was not overly interested in.  However, as time went by, and I dangled the concept in front of him mentally, he began to warm to the idea.

Before you knew it, this chronic masturbator had purchased the CB-6000 that I had selected for  him, and we were scheduling a session to lock him up for the first time.  The flood of adrenaline that went through me when his numbered lock snapped into place made me soooooooooo incredibly wet!

He took to Submission chastity like a duck to water, and what I had initially thought might be a 2 week trial period grew to encompass the 2 month window of opportunity that we had.  I had so much fun teasing him during that time, and  seeing my cock swell and leak when it was taken out for playtime, then returned to it’s cage.

We spent part of today talking about his personal journey and how someone who had at first dismissed the idea of chastity training had come not only to embrace it, but to seek out the pockets of it that he could fit into the reality of his life.

As we explore ourselves and our kinks, we can end up in places we never would have imagined.  Which is part of what makes it such delicious fun, don’t you think?


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My Sissy Goes on an Adventure – Her First Public Outing

For starters, I’ll say that in my mind, the term “sissy” when applied to this caller, really doesn’t fit.  I define the terms this way:

Sissy = Obvious guy in over-the-top, frilly clothing, making no attempts at passing

Feminized = May still obviously be a guy, but the intent is being passable, and becoming as much like a woman as they can

Your mileage may very; those are simply my definitions.  However, since the caller in question uses the term sissy to refer to herself, that is what I’ll use as well.

At any rate, my sissy was going on a business trip, and wanted me to plan some adventures for her.  She and I have a pretty in-depth caller/Mistress relationship, so it was fun to plan her itinerary.

Miss Thing, who we’ll call Sissy X, had never been out in public before.  Also, even though I had sent her scores of you tube makeup guru videos, she was still in need of some hands-on makeup application training.  So I decided that we’d combine a trip to the mall with a trip to MAC.  (For those of you who aren’t following along, I’m speaking of this MAC, not this MAC)

I called ahead, and found out that this particular MAC was one that had private, one-on-one lessons with makeup artists who had been pre-qualified to do them.  The artist would do half of Sissy X’s face, then Sissy X would have to do the other half.   I thought that sounded like a great way to out herself a little, as well as a chance to get some expert application advice.  So she was instructed to call in and book the appointment.

Sissy X is a true slut, I know that the whore in her had visions of twitching her ass down the middle of the mall, in a micro mini, fishnets, and platform shoes.  I dissuaded her from that notion by letting her know that our fantasies don’t always play out in reality, and that a first time outing in a mall setting was probably best suited to something casual that would allow for ease in changing rooms and allow her to blend into her surroundings.  We ended up going with some nicely-cut khaki slacks, a pretty print blouse that buttoned up the front, and heels that did not scream “stripper”.

But before Sissy X got to the mall, she made a scheduled stop to pick up some titties.  I had hoped that she could get some beautiful forms, but the store that I was sending her to had those by custom order only. Since I was feeling impatient, and as this was a rare opportunity for her to get away, we ended up going with bra inserts.  Never one to go small when she can go big, Sissy X ended up getting 42D tits.  She picked up a new wig while she was there also.

So not only did she have a pretty new blouse to go to the mall in, she had new boobies to fill it out.  Her first stop was MAC, and the makeup artist did a phenomenal job.  Sissy sent me pics after, and if I didn’t know it was her, I would have not realized it without really looking hard.  She also got quite the haul, picking up about $500 in product while she was there.

Then it was off to the races at Victoria’s Secret.  It was loud in there, and I had trouble hearing lots of what was said.  But I did have the fun of hearing her tell the sales girl that she was shopping for herself, and asking about what size she needed.

Sissy X had business to attend to, but managed to squeeze in a trip to Fredrick’s of Hollywood to pick up a corset and some assorted other goodies.  I was on the phone with her at the time, and it pleased me that the sales people all seemed to take her in stride.

Her last night on travel, we had a session where I watched her on cam.  She showed me all her pretty things as we talked, and then I let her take her clitty out of it’s chastity cage.  She had not been allowed free play or orgasm for 7 weeks, so I decided it was time to celebrate by letting her release.  And what a release it was!  Sissy X embraces my philosophy that a good girl does not leave a mess, and she eagerly cleaned up every drop.

I let her have freedom to play with it that night, then told her she needed to pack her clit away when she packed her bags for the return trip home.  It was a great adventure, and I’m sure not the last that we’ll have.

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