Chastity and Key Holding

Need a keyholder?  Dial 888-491-0752

Need a keyholder? Dial 888-491-0752

We recently discussed various aspects of chastity, and today I wanted to talk about the relationship between the chaste male, and his keyholder.  While it is certainly possible to go it alone, so to speak, as with many experiences in life it is enhanced when we share it with another.

Chastity is a Journey

I believe that chastity is very much like going on a journey.  One may have an idea of where they are going, or an exact road map.  Either way, there are many miles to cover, and the chastity journey is one best savored.  After all, if you are merely rushing through it, not paying attention to the physical, mental, and emotional sensations that it creates, why bother doing it?

Chastity is to be examined and explored.  While it truly is a journey into one’s self, to have someone to reflect on the experience with can add to it’s pleasure.  Male chastity can also be a journey into submission.  In either instance, that is where a keyholder comes in to play.

Selecting the Right Key Holder for You

To be able to figure out who will best meet your need for a key holder, you will have to do some self-examination.  Some of you are lucky, and are in face-to-face relationships with a partner who enjoys keeping your cock locked up.  While I do think that the number of couples that enjoy chastity play is on the rise, my experience as a distance dominant tells me that they are still not as prevalent as men would like.  That is unfortunate, but also reality.

If you find that you fall into the category of men without a partner, or without a willing partner, you have a few options.  If you live in a metropolitan area, you may utilize the services of a keyholder that will physically lock you up, and retain possession of the key.  I have talked to men who’ve gone that route, and the results have been somewhat mixed.  It seems to be a more gratifying method if a relationship exists between the two of them prior to the chastity agreement.  Otherwise, for some, there seems to be an emotional void that prevents them from feeling that they are sacrificing for a  dominant woman.

Another possibility is a distance dominant like myself who will not only work with you to devise the perfect chastity program for you, but I will oversee it as well.  The communication that takes place during your chastity journey will be an added element that most find to be enriching.  Chastity is such a personal experience, and it will be necessary for you to be able to verbalize your situation, your experience, your desired outcome, etc.

I Want to Explore Chastity, But I’m Married

Most times, we can’t just let our desires rule us.  There are practical considerations, and for some of you, that means marriage.  If your mate isn’t approachable on the subject of chastity, let alone on board, does that mean you are totally out of luck?

Not at all.  It just means that you may not get your ideal fantasy, but you may get something that feeds your hungers *and* keeps your daily life ticking along like you want it to.   That may mean honor system chastity, or it may mean that you wear a device part of the time.

But one thing is unequivocally true.  I will control you and your cock.

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  1. Hello Miss Suffer

    I am one of those married men that would like to explore chastity. How would that work with you exactly?

    • Miss Suffer says

      Hello, steve. There is really no clear-cut answer that I can give you without knowing the particulars of the situation. I can tell you that once I knew them, we’d reach an arrangment that combined the thrill of having you as chaste as possible and respected your marriage.

      If you’d like to talk more about it, feel free to drop me a line or give me a ring.

  2. What if it’s a distance key holding thing? Would you hold the key? Or do you send a lock ?I kinda want to do this but am scared too… would erection size determine the lock up time? If so does that’s mean the smaller it is the longer it’s locked up?

    • Miss Suffer says

      Situations vary. Sometimes I provide the lock, but I always hold the key.

      It pleases me that you are scared. That adds an additional layer to my enjoyment.

      Without knowing specifics, I think that you can safely assume that inadequate erections would indeed be punished.

  3. Do you hold the key? How long is the lockup? Do I provide the device? Who determines lockup time?

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