Calling All Cock Suckers! Sign Up for Glory Hole Duty!

Go on.  Suck it.  You know you want to!

Go on. Suck it. You know you want to!

I know you are out there. You may lick your lips in anticipation, or you may need me to grab you by the scruff of your neck and force you. But  you, pet, are a glory hole cock sucker, and you need to have anonymous tube steak stuffed down your throat.

Either way, I like it, and I like it even more when I can be on the phone with you, and listen to the sounds as you slurp happily away at your local bathhouse or adult bookstore, knowing that you are pleasing me.

Alas, For Some of You, That is Only a Dream

Some of you absolutely love the idea of being a glory hole bitch for me, but your reality keeps you from doing it.  If that describes you, fear not.  There are still things that you can do to honor me and show your willingness to do exactly what I want.  One of those things will be your assignment for today.  That’s right, you are going to simulate a glory hole.  Just because you can’t have the authentic experience does not mean that I am going to let you off  scott-free.  That wouldn’t be sporting, and I do so love a level playing field.  Except for the part that I am standing on, of course.

Can We Build It?  Yes We Can!

Since your life circumstances dictate that you cannot serve me by seeking out an actual glory hole, you are to construct one.  Points will be given for creativity, but a cardboard box will suffice if that is the best you can do.  What is important is that you have a phallic-like object sticking through the hole, and that you open up like a trooper to take as much of it as you can in your mouth.

I love pictures, so more points will be awarded if you send photographic evidence of your devotion to carrying out tasks.  It is permissible to just show from your nose down in the images.  That will be enough to illustrate that you are carrying out your assignment, and pleasing me.

That is the thing that truly matters, puppets.



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