Bracket Challenge

College hoops and erotica are a great combination!

College hoops and erotica are a great combination!

I need to start off by saying that I’ve decided there will not be a twist to our Cock Stock Follow the Market Game, or at least not in the foreseable furture.   After some deliberation, I determined that what I wanted to do had the potential to not work out well.  So I’m shelving it for now, and the only twist that you are getting is thinking for 2 days that there would be a twist. 

That said, I did think it would be fun to do something else, and that, boys and girls, brings us to the topic of this post, namely, the Bracket Challenge. 

Rules, Rules, We’ve Got to Have Rules

Here’s how it will work.  If you’d like to play, you can click the button below.  You’ll have to have a NiteFlirt account to do so, and if you don’t have one, you can sign up here.   NiteFlirt will put 3 free minutes on your account if you use that link.  There are some restrictions on that, and you’ll have to read up on them at the site, because I don’t claim to have them memorized.   Once you have your account set up,  click the button below.  That sends me a nominal tribute, and I will, in turn, send you the invite to my online Bracket Challenge Group.


Though the group is invite only, be sure to sign up with an anonymous name, as the information will be visible to everyone that plays.  I’m not going to use any weighting system.  To keep things simple this year, each correct pick will be worth one point. 

Anyone that scores higher than I do will receive a copy of non-exclusive erotic audio of my choosing.  What to I mean by non-exclusive?  It means that if there are 5 people that score higher than me they will all get the same audio.  However, it is not an audio that will be posted elsewhere.  Semi-exclusive would be an apt description. 

I’ll chose the subject matter.  Since my playthings have such a wide variety of interests, it will likely be something fairly across-the-board like a stroker audio.  Of course, that will torment my chastity boys, but anything that torments them is good in my eyes. ~winks~

Since the first game is tomorrow, there isn’t much time for you to get in before the lock.  (I decided to exclude the ‘get in’ games.  That gives you until Thursday.) So don’t tarry, and we’ll have combine erotica with hoops for some fun!  One bracket per person, and deadline is the tipoff of the 1st game.

Are you ready to play?
Dial 855 933 7473 (855-9DESIRE) for phone sex with Miss S
See Sessions for rates and other info
Adults Only