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Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

It has been a good while since I posted, hasn’t it? Much has happened in my life since then, and while the changes were for the better, they were incredibly hectic, and pushed blog updates very far down on the list of priorities. I’m glad to say that thinks have evened out somewhat, and I expect to be updating more frequently again.

I know that a couple of callers were able to make it all the way through the NFL season Masturbation Games without giving up.  Both of them had given themselves the designation as Hall of Famer, and I know they endured a long, grueling season.  But they suffered through denial for me, and it pleased me.

I’ve been asked repeatedly about putting up a firm schedule.  That probably isn’t going to happen, though I will do my best to keep you all informed of my general whereabouts.  As of now, there is some technical issue with my pages not showing up, and I’ll be looking into that, as time allows.  In the meantime, if you want to talk to me,  picking up the phone is the best place to start.  If you’ve tried that, and still aren’t catching me, then drop me a line, and we’ll discuss an appointment.

You may have noticed, but the Yahoo Pingbox is forever gone from the site.  That happened for 2 reasons:

1) Yahoo discontinued the feature.  I know that there are probably alternatives to it, but I have not given them much thought yet because of #2.

2)  I was on a call one day, and I had a message come in on the pingbox.  I sent a very quick response that I was on the line, but would get back with them as soon as the call was over.  But they didn’t want to listen, and repeatedly asked me over and over again when I would respond to them.  Those types of people are not the types to interact with me.  So I decided then to pull any feature that could be used by someone who could not listen, could not respect my time, or the time of the person who was in session with me.

I do have a Yahoo ID that is only given out to established callers that like to show off on cam for me.  Otherwise, email is an option for any pre/between call questions.

I’m thinking of reviving the Cock Stock game that we were playing last fall for all my edging playthings.  If you have any stocks in mind that you think would be fun to use for the game, leave me a comment.

I’ll be around through the evening, so if you’ve been wanting to catch up, now is your chance.!

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