NFL Masturbation Games

It is that time of year again, playthings.  For the first time in months, the air has a bit of a crisp bite today, and errant leaves whirlwind at the base of tree trunks.   Early autumn really is a glorious time of year.  Note that I said early.  Alas, as it creeps onward, that means winter is imminent, and I am not at all a fan.  Unless, of course, I am amusing myself with you in some manner that involves snowballs and icicles.  That type of thing always helps take some of the blahs out of winter.

One of the best things about autumn is the glorious return of football.  Since I am such an avid Cowboys fan, I have decided to start a season-long stroking game.  I do so love controlling cocks, so this combines two of my favorite things.

One of you sent me an Amazon card for a lovely new microphone that I’ve had my eye on.  I’ll soon be putting up a store, and adding audios and other fun things.  When it is in place, you’ll be able to just download the game from this site.  Until then, you can get your copy of the Week 1 edging assignment through NiteFlirt.

I look forward to tormenting you though each week.  Like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, you too will have deflated balls.

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The Bitch is Back

Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

Perform for me on cam! Dial 855-9DESIRE

And that bitch would be me.

Though I’ve been able to stay in touch with my stable of regulars, I’ve not had an opportunity to really sign on openly for a few months. I’ve changed re-entered an old career, and have been hit with a crap-ton of stuff in my first few months there.

Yes, crap-ton is a word. Because I say so.

I know that several of you have tried to reach me.  I can see the missed calls and it makes me sad, because I am sure that I would have enjoyed tormenting you.  But fear not…I have an assistant at work now, and I am going to have more time to call my own.

Which means more time to delight in playing with more of you.

I will also be operating on a semi-regular schedule starting on the 26th.  That does not mean anything too rigid.  The very notion of that just makes the rebel in me want to stomp my boots right down on your balls.

Honestly, truth be told, I want to do that a lot of the time anyhow.  But there will be times when you can *generally* count on me being around.

I’ll be engaged in some private play over the weekend, but there will be ebbs and flows to that.  If I get the chance, and am inclined, I may pop on.  If not, I will post more info on anticipated hours at the beginning of the week.

Savor the anticipation.


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Bracket Challenge

College hoops and erotica are a great combination!

College hoops and erotica are a great combination!

I need to start off by saying that I’ve decided there will not be a twist to our Cock Stock Follow the Market Game, or at least not in the foreseable furture.   After some deliberation, I determined that what I wanted to do had the potential to not work out well.  So I’m shelving it for now, and the only twist that you are getting is thinking for 2 days that there would be a twist. 

That said, I did think it would be fun to do something else, and that, boys and girls, brings us to the topic of this post, namely, the Bracket Challenge. 

Rules, Rules, We’ve Got to Have Rules

Here’s how it will work.  If you’d like to play, you can click the button below.  You’ll have to have a NiteFlirt account to do so, and if you don’t have one, you can sign up here.   NiteFlirt will put 3 free minutes on your account if you use that link.  There are some restrictions on that, and you’ll have to read up on them at the site, because I don’t claim to have them memorized.   Once you have your account set up,  click the button below.  That sends me a nominal tribute, and I will, in turn, send you the invite to my online Bracket Challenge Group.


Though the group is invite only, be sure to sign up with an anonymous name, as the information will be visible to everyone that plays.  I’m not going to use any weighting system.  To keep things simple this year, each correct pick will be worth one point. 

Anyone that scores higher than I do will receive a copy of non-exclusive erotic audio of my choosing.  What to I mean by non-exclusive?  It means that if there are 5 people that score higher than me they will all get the same audio.  However, it is not an audio that will be posted elsewhere.  Semi-exclusive would be an apt description. 

I’ll chose the subject matter.  Since my playthings have such a wide variety of interests, it will likely be something fairly across-the-board like a stroker audio.  Of course, that will torment my chastity boys, but anything that torments them is good in my eyes. ~winks~

Since the first game is tomorrow, there isn’t much time for you to get in before the lock.  (I decided to exclude the ‘get in’ games.  That gives you until Thursday.) So don’t tarry, and we’ll have combine erotica with hoops for some fun!  One bracket per person, and deadline is the tipoff of the 1st game.

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Happy Steak and Blowjob Day Cocksuckers!

On your knees, boy!

On your knees, boy!

In the unlikely event that you doubt my word, yes, there really *is* such a holiday. As a side note, I don’t recommend doubting my word. But back to our holiday celebration…Steak and Blowjob day came about in response to Valentine’s Day.  The notion has quite the following, or at least on the Internet, where most things are possible.

Note that I said possible.

Because while I rather like the notion of an infinite number of universes, in none of them do I see me sucking cock.  Or fixing you a steak.  So it is time to don your apron, and hustle on to the kitchen.  I like my meat medium rare.

Yours will be as rare as they come….flesh and blood.  After all, I shouldn’t have to eat without entertainment.   It will be rather like a kinky dinner theater.  I’ll have my filet mignon and wine, and you’ll have a nice, thick cock to suck.

Tonight You Are Only Allowed the Head

Don’t think that I can’t see you salivating over the idea.  When it comes to sissy bitches like you, I’m like the Oracle of Delphi.  I have all the answers, and there is no reason for you to “know thyself”.  I already know you.  Every last greedy inch of you.  And I know that if allowed, you’d forsake the rule of  “nothing in excesss” and you’d be attacking that cock with your whore mouth, desperate to suck it’s life force into your waiting receptacle.

But that isn’t going to happen.  No, siree.

You are going to confine yourself to pleasuring the head of my friend’s cock.  That and nothing else.   And you aren’t allowed to use any hands either.  A good cocksucker doesn’t need to have hands, and you, sissy slut, will be a good cocksucker.  When I am done with you, that is.

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Call me for spanking fun. 888 491 0752

Call me for spanking fun.
888 491 0752

Sometimes men just need their ass blistered. Luckily, when that need arises, there are women like me to fulfill it.  There are many reasons that I like to administer firm spankings.  A primary one is simply the delicious sound that flesh makes when the contact is made.  That is closely followed by the sounds the submissive man in question makes, and often, the hot splash of his tears.

Come to think of it, the tears may be my favorite part of all.

Physical and Metal Fun

Obviously, there is a physical element to spanking.  I’ve left many a reddened ass in my wake to attest to that.  But my experience has been that the trip through the psyche that is induced by the physical act is often more powerful.  After all, spanking is something generally associated with those who have no power, are young, etc.  No matter if you have more gray than not around your temples,  it is rather difficult to be taken as a grown up when your pants are around your ankles, you are draped over my lap, and my hand is making smack, smack, smack sounds over those globes of flesh.

Implements Add to the Fun

Of course, it doesn’t *have* to be my hand.  Often, it is not, as there is only so much force I can use with the flat of my hand before it starts to hurt me.  And hurting me isn’t the name of the game, class.   Spanking is one of those versatile acts that can incorporate so many different things.  Of course it’s fun to have fancy paddles.  But they aren’t required.  Many household items can be used to give a night of sensation play that I’ll enjoy, and will leave you sniveling in the corner.  I’m torn on exactly what I like to use best.  It differs with my mood and the situation, but there are two perennial favorites:

a)  A wooden cutting board.  I have found that if you swing hard enough, you can crack one of of those in half.

b)  Making you go get your own switch off a tree and bring it to me.

Spankings are also versatile in the sense that they can be a punishment, a reward, or a preventative measure.  As with so many things, it is situational, and depends on one’s perspective.



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Missed Me?

Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

Perform for me on cam! Dial 888-491-0752

It has been a good while since I posted, hasn’t it? Much has happened in my life since then, and while the changes were for the better, they were incredibly hectic, and pushed blog updates very far down on the list of priorities. I’m glad to say that thinks have evened out somewhat, and I expect to be updating more frequently again.

I know that a couple of callers were able to make it all the way through the NFL season Masturbation Games without giving up.  Both of them had given themselves the designation as Hall of Famer, and I know they endured a long, grueling season.  But they suffered through denial for me, and it pleased me.

I’ve been asked repeatedly about putting up a firm schedule.  That probably isn’t going to happen, though I will do my best to keep you all informed of my general whereabouts.  As of now, there is some technical issue with my pages not showing up, and I’ll be looking into that, as time allows.  In the meantime, if you want to talk to me,  picking up the phone is the best place to start.  If you’ve tried that, and still aren’t catching me, then drop me a line, and we’ll discuss an appointment.

You may have noticed, but the Yahoo Pingbox is forever gone from the site.  That happened for 2 reasons:

1) Yahoo discontinued the feature.  I know that there are probably alternatives to it, but I have not given them much thought yet because of #2.

2)  I was on a call one day, and I had a message come in on the pingbox.  I sent a very quick response that I was on the line, but would get back with them as soon as the call was over.  But they didn’t want to listen, and repeatedly asked me over and over again when I would respond to them.  Those types of people are not the types to interact with me.  So I decided then to pull any feature that could be used by someone who could not listen, could not respect my time, or the time of the person who was in session with me.

I do have a Yahoo ID that is only given out to established callers that like to show off on cam for me.  Otherwise, email is an option for any pre/between call questions.

I’m thinking of reviving the Cock Stock game that we were playing last fall for all my edging playthings.  If you have any stocks in mind that you think would be fun to use for the game, leave me a comment.

I’ll be around through the evening, so if you’ve been wanting to catch up, now is your chance.!

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Paging All Cuckold Cum Sluts

Clean up that messy pussy, sissy!

Clean up that messy pussy, sissy!

Cuckolding is a hugely popular niche.  Some live it, and some fantasize about it.  The variations are numerous, but one thing is a recurring theme in them all…the wife or girlfriend is desired, and most often fucked, by another.

An Enterprising Mind

Given the fact that I’ve got an enterprising mind, and that I hear from cuckold lovers on a daily basis, I’ve started to wonder how I could:

a)  Capitalize on it

b)  Give women pleasure


c)  Put cucks in paradise

I thought on it for a few days, and believe that I have come up with the perfect solution.  If you are reading this and are an angel investor, you and I should most certainly talk.

The  Cuckold Chateau

I think an all-purpose getaway destination designed to fit every cuckold fantasy is needed, and I would make the perfect proprietoress of The Cuckold Chateau.

I envision an elegant establishment where a staff of Select Single Men are on hand to make your cuck dreams come true.  If you just want to watch your wife flirt in the bar area, or get felt up on the dance floor, we can take care of that.

We can also take care of having her drilled by a black stud with such a lovely cock that he could pull double duty by starring in a big black cock porn movie.  Matter of fact, if you are so inclined, we can actually film that movie, with your wife in the female lead.  Of course, I will retain full distribution rights.  You can purchase them from me.

At a price.
We can make it all happen at The Cuckold Chateau.

Clean Up Needed in Room 6

Since so much fucking will be getting done, there will, of course, be so much jizm flowing.  This will be near-Nirvana for cuckold sissy cum sluts.  At check-in, all women will be issued pagers.  All sissy cream pie lovers will have the option of purchasing a frilly French maid outfit.  While their women are off having the fun that they so richly deserve, these particular cuckolds will be on-call.  One might say it will be a working vacation for them.

Anytime that a woman…any woman…needs cleaned up, she can page for a cream pie eater.  The supervisor for that shift will randomly assign a cum lapper to go police the pussy.  Bidding wars for the privilege will be encouraged, with the house…namely me…keeping all proceeds.

Fluffing – It’s Not Just for Pillows

All sissy cuckolds will offer turn down and fluffing services as well.  In the event that it is necessary for me to spell it out, fluffing will not be limited to pillows.   Granted, some women guests at The Cuckold Chateau may be delighted at the idea of getting to suck a sizeable real-man cock, and if so, they will certainly have first dibs.  Some of these poor women may not have seen anything remotely resembling a normal sized penis in years, and if they want to suck, then they will retain all sucking rights.

However, for women who decline to put a cock anywhere near their mouth, it will be time for sissy cuckolds to step up to the plate, kneel down, and turn down the stud’s boxers to pop that cock right between their lips.  Or in any other orifice that has been deemed necessary.

After all, sissy cuckolds are made to serve!


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Lipstick and Stockings – Feminization Assignment

Feminize Those Lips!

Feminize Those Lips!

A little bejeweled birdie has come to me with a woeful tale. According to said birdie, she’s been feeling all left out as she doesn’t care for masturbation games, and is longing for something that will help her get in touch with her feminine side.

I’m just the kind of person to make that happen.  And because I happen to be in a mellow mood today, I’ve decided to give her…and all other feminization fans, something to do over the weekend.

Things You’ll Need

In order to experience this assignment as intended, you’ll need:

a)  A pair of stockings or pantyhose.  I’ll let you decide what your preference is.

b)  A shade of lipstick that compliments your skin tone.  If in doubt, you need to call in for a beginner’s makeup consultation.

c)  A glass glass, preferably a wine glass.

Enjoy the Preparations

The first thing that you are going to do is to put on your stockings or pantyhose.  I want you to really pay attention to the sensations as you pull them up over your legs, and smooth them out.  If you are using seamed ones, that is a bonus, and you’ll need to look in the mirror to make sure that you have your seams straight.

If you have any high heeled shoes, now is a perfect time to put them on.  But if you don’t, there is no need to fret.  You can still do this assignment, and who knows….you may get a shopping assignment in the future.

Now it’s time for the lipstick.  If you need help with this, go to youtube and watch one of the zillions of tutorials by the makeup gurus on how to apply lipstick.  If you have any lip liner, use it.  I personally use and recommend clear liner, as I never have to worry about the color of it clashing with my lip color, and it helps keep things well defined.

Finally, pour a beverage of your choice into your glass.  For optimum effect, the girlier the drink, the better.  But whatever you choose, do not fill your glass all the way up.  We want to leave a space of about an inch or so.

You are to enjoy these preparations, and not rush through them.  After all, the journey is as much, if not more fun, than the destination.

Practice Being a Lady

Now that you are all prepared, you are to sit down, and cross your legs at the ankle, then draw them back under your chair, just like a proper lady.  You’ll want to keep your spine nice and straight for that.  I want you to focus on the way that it pushes your legs together, and how they feel.

Then you are to plant your left foot on the floor in front of the chair, and cross your right leg over your left at the knee.  Pay particular attention to the way that one stockinged leg feels as it rests against the other.  Lightly swing your right foot back and forth.

Pick up your glass, purse your lips over the rim, and take a small sip.  See the pretty, feminine lipstick prints that you leave behind?  In an unhurried manner, continue that around the rim of the glass. We want a thick, prominent impression, so repeated applications of lipstick are probably in order.

Pay Attention!

Live fully in this assignment.  By that, I mean be very present, and aware of what is going on in that exact moment.  Don’t get all jazzed up about how your sissy stick might want to explode all over the place.  That is nothing new.  Keep your focus on where it should be…exuding an aura of feminine grace and beauty.

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Chastity and Key Holding

Need a keyholder?  Dial 888-491-0752

Need a keyholder? Dial 888-491-0752

We recently discussed various aspects of chastity, and today I wanted to talk about the relationship between the chaste male, and his keyholder.  While it is certainly possible to go it alone, so to speak, as with many experiences in life it is enhanced when we share it with another.

Chastity is a Journey

I believe that chastity is very much like going on a journey.  One may have an idea of where they are going, or an exact road map.  Either way, there are many miles to cover, and the chastity journey is one best savored.  After all, if you are merely rushing through it, not paying attention to the physical, mental, and emotional sensations that it creates, why bother doing it?

Chastity is to be examined and explored.  While it truly is a journey into one’s self, to have someone to reflect on the experience with can add to it’s pleasure.  Male chastity can also be a journey into submission.  In either instance, that is where a keyholder comes in to play.

Selecting the Right Key Holder for You

To be able to figure out who will best meet your need for a key holder, you will have to do some self-examination.  Some of you are lucky, and are in face-to-face relationships with a partner who enjoys keeping your cock locked up.  While I do think that the number of couples that enjoy chastity play is on the rise, my experience as a distance dominant tells me that they are still not as prevalent as men would like.  That is unfortunate, but also reality.

If you find that you fall into the category of men without a partner, or without a willing partner, you have a few options.  If you live in a metropolitan area, you may utilize the services of a keyholder that will physically lock you up, and retain possession of the key.  I have talked to men who’ve gone that route, and the results have been somewhat mixed.  It seems to be a more gratifying method if a relationship exists between the two of them prior to the chastity agreement.  Otherwise, for some, there seems to be an emotional void that prevents them from feeling that they are sacrificing for a  dominant woman.

Another possibility is a distance dominant like myself who will not only work with you to devise the perfect chastity program for you, but I will oversee it as well.  The communication that takes place during your chastity journey will be an added element that most find to be enriching.  Chastity is such a personal experience, and it will be necessary for you to be able to verbalize your situation, your experience, your desired outcome, etc.

I Want to Explore Chastity, But I’m Married

Most times, we can’t just let our desires rule us.  There are practical considerations, and for some of you, that means marriage.  If your mate isn’t approachable on the subject of chastity, let alone on board, does that mean you are totally out of luck?

Not at all.  It just means that you may not get your ideal fantasy, but you may get something that feeds your hungers *and* keeps your daily life ticking along like you want it to.   That may mean honor system chastity, or it may mean that you wear a device part of the time.

But one thing is unequivocally true.  I will control you and your cock.

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Let’s Talk About Male Chastity or Locked Cocks Are Fun!

I want you locked up!

I want you locked up!

One of the most satisfying sounds in the world is hearing a lock click shut that is miles away from me, while I hold the key in my hand.  I lose track of the number of men that approach me in a week’s time, and they all claim to want to “serve” me in some manner.

A good number of them have no desire to truly serve,  and display that by their failure to follow the most rudimentary of tasks through to completion.  That is a weeding out process, and I use it liberally.  That will perhaps be something that we discuss in another post.

However, today I want to talk about those that not only do follow through, but continue to follow through all the way to the point that cock control morphs into chastity.  I always love when that happens.  When we re-visit the most elemental aspect of my sexual psyche…that control trips my trigger…then it’s easy to see why the sound of that lock clicking gives me a rush that is simply indescribable.

Chastity and Being a Keyholder

As with most other fetishes or kinks, if it is something that you aren’t in to, chastity can seem confounding to a non-devotee.  I think it is probably akin to financial domination in terms of being a nebulous concept that lots of people can’t understand.

After all, it seems rather astounding that someone would not only voluntarily long to have their orgasms denied, but that they’d take the step of locking themselves in chastity, and allowing someone else to be the keyholder.

However, allowing really isn’t the right word, as it is a case of begging me to take their key.  I don’t get my psychological jollies by demanding things.  I like it when my prey is so enamored of me that they willing offer, and oft times plead with me to take whatever it is that they wish to give, whether that is a key, a leash, money, or any other area of control.

Chastity is Addictive

When one is serving via chastity, they know that they are doing what any good submissive should be doing, and that is pleasing their Mistress.  The level of control handed over is often unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before.

There is also a heightened awareness of not only their bodies, but their place in the universe.  Everything is more vibrant, and that dull ache of fullness is their constant companion.

I cannot count the number of times that I’ve granted a chastity pet release,  watched as they enjoyed an *incredible* orgasm, and then witnessed the deflation of spirit that happens after the bliss of the orgasm recedes.  They miss the sensations of fullness, and the feeling of being so deliciously bound to me by being chaste.  That is a situation that is easy to rectify, and begins anew once the cage is securely in place again.

Favorite Chastity Devices

I am a big fan of the CB line of chastity devices for men.  Though a metal sheathed cock is visually appealing, it simply won’t work for my clients who travel.  Not unless I wish to subject them to a very real public humiliation experience. ~soft laugh~

The CB line has the benefit of being affordable and durable.  I like the clear polycarbonate.  It allows you to see what you can’t touch.  I rather like to imagine that you do so with a wistful, yearning expression.

That pleases me.

I’ll continue more along this vein in the next post.  We’ll talk about the perils of “honor system” chastity, why a keyholder is important, and more.

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