Masturbation Games – Sunday Week 2

The poor gents in Group 1 have had a hard time of it in our edging extravaganza this week. Will the coin be any kinder to them for the toss representing Sunday? They’ll have tails again, while Group 2 will have heads.

Poor Group 1!

Oh, that is harsh, Group 1! If you’ve adhered to the rules of the game, you’ve only gotten to touch your cocks once for pleasure this week. Those 8 edges that you got to give really don’t compare when stacked up against the 40 that Group 2 got, do they?

The good news is that tomorrow is your free day, and unless I’ve otherwise instructed you, you are free to stroke, edge, and cum at will. Enjoy and remember to come back tomorrow to see what sort of stroking game we’ll be playing next week!

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