Call me for spanking fun. 888 491 0752

Call me for spanking fun.
888 491 0752

Sometimes men just need their ass blistered. Luckily, when that need arises, there are women like me to fulfill it.  There are many reasons that I like to administer firm spankings.  A primary one is simply the delicious sound that flesh makes when the contact is made.  That is closely followed by the sounds the submissive man in question makes, and often, the hot splash of his tears.

Come to think of it, the tears may be my favorite part of all.

Physical and Metal Fun

Obviously, there is a physical element to spanking.  I’ve left many a reddened ass in my wake to attest to that.  But my experience has been that the trip through the psyche that is induced by the physical act is often more powerful.  After all, spanking is something generally associated with those who have no power, are young, etc.  No matter if you have more gray than not around your temples,  it is rather difficult to be taken as a grown up when your pants are around your ankles, you are draped over my lap, and my hand is making smack, smack, smack sounds over those globes of flesh.

Implements Add to the Fun

Of course, it doesn’t *have* to be my hand.  Often, it is not, as there is only so much force I can use with the flat of my hand before it starts to hurt me.  And hurting me isn’t the name of the game, class.   Spanking is one of those versatile acts that can incorporate so many different things.  Of course it’s fun to have fancy paddles.  But they aren’t required.  Many household items can be used to give a night of sensation play that I’ll enjoy, and will leave you sniveling in the corner.  I’m torn on exactly what I like to use best.  It differs with my mood and the situation, but there are two perennial favorites:

a)  A wooden cutting board.  I have found that if you swing hard enough, you can crack one of of those in half.

b)  Making you go get your own switch off a tree and bring it to me.

Spankings are also versatile in the sense that they can be a punishment, a reward, or a preventative measure.  As with so many things, it is situational, and depends on one’s perspective.



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