Paging All Cuckold Cum Sluts

Clean up that messy pussy, sissy!

Clean up that messy pussy, sissy!

Cuckolding is a hugely popular niche.  Some live it, and some fantasize about it.  The variations are numerous, but one thing is a recurring theme in them all…the wife or girlfriend is desired, and most often fucked, by another.

An Enterprising Mind

Given the fact that I’ve got an enterprising mind, and that I hear from cuckold lovers on a daily basis, I’ve started to wonder how I could:

a)  Capitalize on it

b)  Give women pleasure


c)  Put cucks in paradise

I thought on it for a few days, and believe that I have come up with the perfect solution.  If you are reading this and are an angel investor, you and I should most certainly talk.

The  Cuckold Chateau

I think an all-purpose getaway destination designed to fit every cuckold fantasy is needed, and I would make the perfect proprietoress of The Cuckold Chateau.

I envision an elegant establishment where a staff of Select Single Men are on hand to make your cuck dreams come true.  If you just want to watch your wife flirt in the bar area, or get felt up on the dance floor, we can take care of that.

We can also take care of having her drilled by a black stud with such a lovely cock that he could pull double duty by starring in a big black cock porn movie.  Matter of fact, if you are so inclined, we can actually film that movie, with your wife in the female lead.  Of course, I will retain full distribution rights.  You can purchase them from me.

At a price.
We can make it all happen at The Cuckold Chateau.

Clean Up Needed in Room 6

Since so much fucking will be getting done, there will, of course, be so much jizm flowing.  This will be near-Nirvana for cuckold sissy cum sluts.  At check-in, all women will be issued pagers.  All sissy cream pie lovers will have the option of purchasing a frilly French maid outfit.  While their women are off having the fun that they so richly deserve, these particular cuckolds will be on-call.  One might say it will be a working vacation for them.

Anytime that a woman…any woman…needs cleaned up, she can page for a cream pie eater.  The supervisor for that shift will randomly assign a cum lapper to go police the pussy.  Bidding wars for the privilege will be encouraged, with the house…namely me…keeping all proceeds.

Fluffing – It’s Not Just for Pillows

All sissy cuckolds will offer turn down and fluffing services as well.  In the event that it is necessary for me to spell it out, fluffing will not be limited to pillows.   Granted, some women guests at The Cuckold Chateau may be delighted at the idea of getting to suck a sizeable real-man cock, and if so, they will certainly have first dibs.  Some of these poor women may not have seen anything remotely resembling a normal sized penis in years, and if they want to suck, then they will retain all sucking rights.

However, for women who decline to put a cock anywhere near their mouth, it will be time for sissy cuckolds to step up to the plate, kneel down, and turn down the stud’s boxers to pop that cock right between their lips.  Or in any other orifice that has been deemed necessary.

After all, sissy cuckolds are made to serve!


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